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SwimEye product guide

SwimEye product guide One of my largest projects with SwimEye, has been the creation of an 8-part, 5000 word technical product guide.  It was evident that we verbally taught our customers and partners many small lessons during the purchasing process, however without any reference document.  Documenting […]


Photo.damir website Early in 2019, I helped Sports Photographer Damir Grskovic redevelop his online presence and boost his marketing power.  We clarified his “product offerings”, reinforced his brand image, fine tuned his logo and launched a customised website, which aimed to show-off his exceptional photography and […]


SwimEye print adverts

SwimEye print adverts At SwimEye, we have been working to bring real product images into all of the marketing materials.  The aim is to demonstrate the real strength and quality of the products, when compared to the competitors.  In two recent magazine adverts, we provide […]


Skretting media campaign

Skretting media campaign In 2018, Skretting provided me with their sustainability report and a briefing to produce a slow-drip media campaign, based on the report content.  This would provide them with a huge swag of prepared content for the coming quarter. I started by producing […]


CrossFit Ask logo & website

Crossfit Ask logo & website I was so grateful to be involved in the development of this new gym and business.  We began with the creation of their logo and corporate image, which has become a beloved symbol of the #AskFamilien (their family) and is now […]


SwimEye website

SwimEye website My first project with SwimEye, was to help transform an out-dated website, into a responsive and interactive new platform.  With external support from a local webmaster, I began learning the ins and outs of WordPress. We started by clarifying the product offerings and […]


321 Build logo & branding

321 Build logo & branding I was privileged to helped this small, local business refresh their corporate identity.  The existing logo was a simple overlay of rectangles (or building blocks), using colors black, grey and light blue. This became the foundation for the design development […]


10 Murray demolition

10 Murray Demolition Some of the final tasks I completed before leaving Citta Property Group in March 2017, were the approvals, contract formation and planning for the demolition of 10 Murray Street.  This would be a challenging part of the Parliament Square project. The building […]


PSQ hotel mock-up rooms

PSQ Hotel mock-up rooms One of my final tasks with Citta Property Group, was the design coordination and letting of the construction packages for the Parliament Square Hotel mock-up rooms. These were constructed in advance of the hotel fit-out. The mock-up rooms test the interior […]


Salamanca Building

Salamanca Building Throughout my time with Citta Property Group, I contributed many tasks towards the development of the Salamanca Building. On completion it is an 11 storey office building with basement level car park.  My contributions included development planning, programming, statutory approvals and project administration. […]


Parliament Square

Parliament Square My role with Citta Property Group was Project Manager within the development team for the Parliament Square project in Hobart, Tasmania. The Tasmania Government had divested the site, with a brief to redeveloped a collection of existing buildings into a new office building, […]


36 Davey restoration

36 Davey Street restoration My largest project with Citta Property Group, was the redevelopment of 36 Davey and two other associated buildings c.1846.  The work involved the complete renovation of these heavily dilapidated buildings to become a luxury hotel. I learned many aspects of heritage […]