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Haverhoek residence

Haverhoek residence The Haverhoek Residence was my first full design and construction project.  The site has a 5m change of grade from the FFL down to the pier on the river side. The design includes a deck entertaining area, paved patio, gabion basket retaining walls, […]

Nesbit residence

Nesbit residence The Nesbit Residence is cute little courtyard design, for a new house in Adelaide. I designed and built every aspect of this little project.  The design includes a deck, exposed aggregate walkways, drainage, fencing, paving and mature planting. back to portfolio

Crewe residence

Crewe residence The Crewe Residence is a modern little courtyard design, for an existing house in Henley Beach, South Australia. A major component of the design is the new concrete-block fence with timber screen inserts. Images show before and after the fence construction, and graphic […]

Roundabout plantings

Roundabout plantings Planting plans were a common activity during my time with Salisbury Municipality.  This type of image was used to communicate changes to the local community and proved effective for use by the gardening teams.  I have always loved graphics and pushing the boundaries […]

Accessible playground

Pooraka accessible playground The Pooraka accessible playground was one of the more detailed projects I designed and completed at the Salisbury Municipality. It features subtle earthworks, planting, shelters, furniture, pathways, softfall and all of the equipment is designed for high levels of interaction for children […]

playground renewal

playground renewal At the Salisbury Municipality, I gained in-depth experience managing the city’s playgrounds and playground replacement programme. Based on the age and condition, existing playgrounds within the city were selected for replacement. Data was collected using our GIS system and forward planning allowed time […]

street tree programme

street tree programme At the Salisbury Municipality, I gained in-depth experience managing the city street tree planting and streetscape renewal programme. Based on the age and condition of existing tree stock, areas within the city were selected for tree replacements and replanting. Data was collected […]